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Do you want to read this information? Really? It can be boring, maybe it can even damage your brain... Well, you are warned :)

Let's start from one simple question. Why do people create websites? To be honest, when I created my first website, I could not answer this question. I did it just because it was cool and almost each "advanced" user had his own home page. It was a home for my projects, for my ideas, which were successfully realized, for my personal poetry (Oh, please, do not ask me to send you one of my verses! :))

Well, all this stuff happened a lot years ago. Now this website became a small collection of my own projects and, due to its blog-like format, a collection of small notes about electronics, about programming, about other stuff which is interesting for me.

I do not promise to write a new article or even a note once a week, even once a month. Updates can be very irregular, topics can be very different, I can even accidentally break everything! :) Oops... Forget, I didn't say anything. Just let it be as it is.

If you read this page and dig for information about me - I'll give you a bit. I'm a programmer, which works with hardware. Mostly I work with MCU, but Linux is also in my list of interests, because it can work on low-power boards.

If you decide do work with Linux I recommend you to search for open-source development board. In such case you will not have problems with schematics. Additional note: try to select board with the most documented processor. Many manufacturers are closing some parts of processor's documentation and in such case you will be alone with your problems.

If you want to know my hardware environment, here is it (at the moment of publication). I'll try to keep this list in actual state.

Several STM32F10x dev. boardsI prefer STM32 because it's easier to find
ST-Link v2Probably the best debugger for STM MCUs
Beaglebone blackDev. board with AM3359 ARM processor (from TI)
AVRISP mkIIYes, sometimes I write programs even for AVR MCUs :)
USB<=>Serial(TTL)Very useful cable. Try to find cable which support high serial port baud rates (921600, etc.)

That's all for now. Good luck and hope you will find this website useful :-)