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In this note I will post all my panoramas. Rule is simple: if I like the place - I make panorama. All photos can be downloaded in maximum resolution, after each photo you can see link to the map, so you know the exact location.

For creation/editing panoramas I use combination of Hugin and GIMP. Camera is Nikon D3100. By the way, I store all my photos in folders with names like "Date - Name of travel" and use digiKam to organize my collection. DigiKam is written for KDE, but works fine with Gnome. Additionally, it can start slideshow with user-defined tags. Moreover, if you wish - you can store RAW photos together with JPEG. I still wait for such a functionality in F-Spot and Shotwell :).

So, let's start. First shot was taken in a village Brusovka near the Krasnyi Lyman, Ukraine.


Download (9,9MB, 90MPix) Find on the map

Second shot was taken in the Forest Park near Volnovakha, Ukraine


Download (7,6MB, 56MPix) Find on the map

Again in the nature: "blue lakes" near Krasnyi Lyman, Ukraine.

Blue Lakes (Kr. Lyman)

Download (10,1MB, 69MPix) Find on the map